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I like that you guys did the okcupid test, it made me smile.. heh.. GHENGIS KHUNT! lol.. that was good.. Kyle's was totally him, as well.. charmer that he is. I am not sure if mine is accurate or not, if someone knows, tell me. I dont usually view myself from a sex point of view. So, I finally got my pics back.. like 2 rolls.. some are from the bar and there are pics of Steve and Alicia.. that i didnt take but ok.. so if someone wants them let me know. b/c i dont exactly associate with either of them and i dont need the pictures. Yea, and there are naked chic pics of some strippers at some party that i didnt go to.. I guess its from the roxanne days.. when she finished off a role of my film. so there are pics of melinda and some little titty bitch. its amusing.. yea, there are fun ones of tristia in drag, as well. Funny, she looks WAY different.
Today i had lunch at applebee's with caid, and it made me very happy. we talked about stuff, and it was good. I needed that.. though the waitress FORGOT to put our order in and like 30 minutes later a manager came out and was like 'I am sorry but your food is just down being put on. It will be a few minutes'. GRR and i was starving! but i lived through it and the food was nasty anyway. I slept through most of the afternoon.. I dont know why.. boredom i guess. and i FINALLY did the laundry (its not folded though). PARTY tonight at precious and dee's.. I am excited. I made jello shots.. I hope they are to everyones liking. I feel like getting fucked up drunk, but i probably wont. I dont need to, I get emotional.. or i try to fuck everyone in sight.. and i dont know if that is a good thing today. i dont think anyone wants to do me.. lol.
I will tell you all about it.. NOT!
gotta get my hair did. peace.

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