BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

family times

Yesterday I went and visited Aunt Sissy for a while and then went to Aunt Amy's house. It was funny times. I like visiting with everyone, its good. Amy is giving Tristia and I her old bed, so thats cool. We have 2 big beds to go in our rooms. I am supposed to be doing a display thing for the IceBreaker tomorrow but Lori is at the Dr so I can't go there until a little later. grr. I guess I will do some packing today. I really need to get started on that. It won't take me too long though once I get my books and stuff packed away.
I read my friends journal, and was inspired, as always to be more active. Yesterday I applied for some jobs and internships online at places that do activism. I am really wanting to be more involved (if that's possible) in all aspects of activism. not that I am into PETA or anything (no offense anyone) but I'm passionate about many things. My talents should be put to good use, yes?! So, I am hoping that I get a job with this company that does mainly fundraising for different causes.. consumer rights etc. I think it would be really cool. If anyone has any ideas of places that I should look into, tell me now.
gotta go meet tristia and have lunch.
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