BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

barble barble

bubbles in my brain
Eh, today was a long one.I worked on the display for the GSA today. that was real work. I went to court with like 10 of my family members to see if my aunt was getting guardianship of my grandfather (she did). So, that was good times. His current wife and her children weren't very happy about the whole situation. It was craziness, truly. At least it is all settled now, though. I feel good about him gettin out of that nursing home and into one of his kids houses.
My brain is all over the place and I want everyone to be achieving things faster than they are. There are many things that are coming up and I want people to have things set up for it adn i feel like people dont care. *frowns* I just want people to do what they say that they will instead of 2-4 of us doing a whole lot of things. Grr. not a fan of slackers at all. only 4 days until i move
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