BILLI (billinaction) wrote,


so much to do and so little time. the icebreaker is in an hour and still i am scrambling to get some paperwork done and get things to distribute. I realize that I am COMPLETELY out of the TGMI pamphlets I thought I had 2 million of. Someone wrote on the insides of this one pamphlet that I really wanted to hand out to people. SO, here I am, making up some generic shit so that i look like I know what I am doing. I feel so behind like this should have been arranged. Again, I thought if given assigned tasks a person would finish them by deadline. My assumptions were wrong and I am sad now. I hate having to scrape shit together at the last moments. I would MUCH rather feel informed. I am making VERY few papers b/c so many people waste them. I much rather us run out than have made so much that is wasted. I advertised all of our local groups - PFLAG, GSA, TGMI, and of course HRC. So, at least other groups will be getting some recognition too. We have a million marriage pamphlet things too that I will be handing out as well. Like that makes any difference at this point but you know.. whatever. Maybe I will make this worker lady copy a few TGMI pamphlets, she is gonna kill me. I keep asking for her help. Ok, gonna go set up our table or shoot myself or something equally productive.
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