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Dear Friends

(I just sent this to ALL of my contacts and I'm so nervous to see how people respond!)

Friends and Loved Ones,
I am writing you all tonight to talk about Obama's statement in support of same-sex marriage. As a queer woman and a person who supports equality, I believe it is important that all people have the same legal rights - the good and the bad. Tonight, I am so proud that his stance on this issue has changed. There are few times when a politician can really hit home with me, but this is one of those issues that I care deeply about. 
When I was 19 I stood in front of a city council meeting in Flint, Michigan to oppose an amendment that would ban same-sex marriage in my state. It was my first time addressing local politics and it was terrifying but I knew that I had to stick up for myself. Unfortunately, we did not succeed there. Ten years later, progress is being made. More people are realizing that same-sex couples are not hurting opposite-sex couples and that we are all humans, with relationships and feelings that matter. 
I can only hope that one day there will be federal support of same-sex marriage. Only when all people are treated equally, on all levels, will we truly be free to be ourselves. I ask you to consider supporting the re-election of Barack Obama when you are voting later this year (because I know you all vote, right?). 
Thanks for reading this.
Billi A-C
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