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Well, we went and bought a vacuum last night! YAY for us. lol. The IceBreaker was alright. We did a lot of work and had like 6 people come to our table out of interest, the rest was to get condoms. Our GSA meeting went okay but I guess I talk too fast and keep losing people. I apologize to anyone whom I have discouraged by speaking fast and expecting you to know what I am talking about. I guess I think since everyone is here every meeting that they should be on the same page as me and I shouldn't have to keep retracking everything we have been going over. I will try to do a better job at presenting myself to the group. Afterward, we went to eat, and then I had to go to Lapeer's campus for a president forum. Ok, at the last exec meeting it was split so that 3 of us went to Lapeer and the other 2 went to Fenton. Well, the other 2 didn't even show up in Lapeer!! Totally pissed me off. I want to be a slacker. I don't think that it is fair that people get out of their responsibilities all the fucking time and I am still doing EVERYTHING I have been assigned. I want to just not go to some sort of school thing I am supposed to do. Just not show up. See how well that flies over. I would get bitched at for being unreliable, right?! yeppers. but so many people just get by like that. Anyway, the forum was interesting. The students there had a lot of concerns that I think were totally legit and need to be addressed at our campus. Tristia and I came back to her house and then went to Meijer to buy paint to repaint the coffee tables we have and got a cute vacuum. So much accomplished.
I tried going to sleep while she was watching South Park and playing with my hair. Then we started to talk about some things. Things that I feel uncomfortable about, things that make me self conscious. I think we have come up with a plan to help me with this problem I am having though. Cheers to me.
now off to math class where I will be bored and feel really intelligent. Maybe I will work today.

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