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Ok, got moved in.. at least I did. I have all of my things moved and in place, unpacked, hung up. Ready to live. Tristia on the other hand has a HUGE MESS of things all over the place that she really is going to have to get organized over the next few days. We are having 2 of our friends over for dinner Wednesday night, so we really need to get to cleaning up. The house looked so nice UNTIL she finished moving and piling shit up. LOL. Poor tristia. She was so tired lastnight. That's what I went through Saturday and Sunday. My body has been so exhausted. Every muscle aches, truly. We can literally see Roxanne and Jennifer's living room and bedroom from our spare room. They are right across the grass from us. I went over to Roxanne's to get my things yesterday. She must have left things at her moms, so we just talked and ate popscicles. I love popscicles. Been working. Pam's aunt died and so I am picking up some of her days. i get to transfer by the 1st of December, thank goodness. Sandra told me yesterday that she just needs me a day here and there and Lisa can have me all the rest of the time. Lisa confirmed that I do have a place there when Sandra is ready to transfer me. YAY! So, I won't have to drive 30+ minutes to work each day. I didn't realize how far Flushing was from Davison til now. Grr's.
Friday we went to the bar for Jaime's Bday. It was good times. I had fun but I was really tired so we didn't stay that long. Saturday I moved some stuff and I worked and then I moved some more stuff. UGH! Kyle was at Dee's when I got there so that was happy. I always miss him. I don't like long phone conversations, I would much rather sit and talk. Kyle is good at that. He is everyone's bestfriend. (lucky bastard) Maybe one day we can sit and I can tell him all of my internal feelings, my mini- panic attacks, etc. That would be nice.
It's weird getting used to a new place. I have moved so much in the last few years. Maybe I will have a permanent home now. I haven't had a HOME since Roxanne and I lived together. That was my space and since then I have been everyone's roommate. It's sort of nice to have a place of our own, that I get to do what I want with it. Decorating and organizing are all me. I will miss staying with my friends though. Seems like things are getting harder between us and it doesn't make that much sense to me. I hate when I feel like things are out of control and I don't know how they got there.
the world just keeps on spinning.

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