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Tired isn't even the beginning of how i feel right now. I couldnt get my ass out of bed to come to school at 7:30 to take my exam so i will have to schedule a remake AGAIN! I am not used to gettin up that early and yea, its just not kosher. My teacher is going to hate me for standing him up. Oh well. I have to work at 10 this morning. Good thing I didn't go to math class, huh? I never would have got to work on time.. she told me to get there as close to 10 as I can. So yea, I am working every day this week .. again.. except for next Wednesday. world AIDS day is coming up and i have hella things to do. I feel sucked in at school lately. I have a lot of things i need to accomplish but not so much is getting accomplished. I dont have time between working and school. It's really hard to find the extra time to call people and arrange things. I get out of work at 3pm. YAY! so, i can finally spend some time with my wonderful girlfriend. We haven't had any time together lately and i miss it.
We are going to do a fundraiser/drag show at the Triangle soon, I think. The GSA really needs to get some money so that we can afford to go to the MBLGTACC this year. I am excited. I love going on trips. It's the flying part that makes me nervous. Ok, I am going to go to work now. Have a fabulous day folks...

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