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happy Monday

Just wasting some time before I have to head into work. YIPPEE! I feel really tired today and there really isn't any reason why I should feel that way. I went to bed fairly early and got up at the usual 7am. I dunno. Just been hanging some fliers for the Trans 101 thing in December and the Women and HIV/AIDS panel. I am expecting that we will have a good turnout for these events if I start advertizing NOW. This weekend was work, work, work. On Friday we finally finished watching the L Word series. YAY for us. Roxanne came over and all chatted for a bit. Then on Saturday night Travis was there when I got home and Roxanne came over again, we watched Tank Girl and made fun of eachother. LOL. Tristia drank 3 Smirnoff's and was buzzed, it was really funny. I got called in at 11 yesterday and I wasn't supposed to go in til 3pm. So, I worked my 8 hours and then Krystal came and finished the other 4 hours of the shift. There was no way I could have worked like that all day long by myself. I was almost mental by the time I left there. I hate working that long by myself, I swear it makes me crazy not having anyone to talk to. Tonight I work with Maggie so that will be good times. She is this old (50ish) woman with a MULLET! haha and she has this fun story about her life.
I do believe I am going to spend Thanksgiving morning working.. then going to Tris family, to my family, then to Tate's house.
today is 7 months. i think we are going out to dinner tonight. fun fun
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