BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

Are we a Rape Culture

Have you been following the Steubenville, Ohio rape case? I have been following loosely, reading articles here and there. These teenage boys took advantage of an unconscious girl at a party. They videotaped it, photographed it and posted these images to the internet. They tweeted about "finger banging" and "who sleeps through getting it in the ass" and left her naked outside afterwards (taking $$ if people would pee on her). She had no recollection of the events until she started seeing herself on the internet. Imagine how that felt - for her, her family and friends. Her parents pressed charges and no one was happy about it. The offenders, the videographer, the photographer and others that "assisted" were all part of the football team.. in a town that sold beer to them, let them enter bars and looked the other way when bad things happened. That community believed that these football superstars were above the law and deserved no rules. Total freedom for 16 year olds! When sentences to juvenile detention, one offender was remorseful while the other seemed nonchalant. Do they even realize that for the rest of their lives they must report as sex offenders? They will have difficulty with job applications, having healthy romantic relationships and being functional members of society. These boys haven't even acknowledged that their behaviors were wrong. They thought it was okay, admitting to having taking advantage of other girls. No one told them that it was wrong to have sex with girls who weren't conscious or consenting. But.. they knew not to drink and drive. Where do you get one message and not the other? These are universal issues.

On Facebook today, I saw this photo posted of a supposed research study from the 1970s. The researcher and asked high schoolers when was  rape okay. The responses were crappy and lots of the female students did agree that sometimes it is okay to rape - if she has already sexually excited the guy or if she has let him touch her above the waist. What?! One commented (he looks like a 50+yr old white male) this:
Kids experiment. That's a given. When your body is sending you signals you don't fully understand yet it can be exciting, HOWEVER, she has the right to say stop. On the OTHER side of the coin, when you ALLOW a man to do things that are sexually stimulating and you are locked in a passionate embrace fully naked, how many guys do expect will be able to stop? I'm sorry ladies, but there are certain physiological factors that will cause a man to have INTENSE PAIN if they try to stop. This is much more than just a yes or no question.
I want to vomit just thinking about this. Seriously?! Girls should be raped because guys can't deal with blue balls or painful erections. Fuck that. It makes you wonder how many people out there are taken advantage of and don't report it because of idiocy like this. I would die if I was in court and a lawyer argued that  my rape was okay because the guy needed to get off. Masturbation can help in this department, you don't have to resort to rape.
Tags: rape, social justice

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