BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

First day of snow

Today it snowed. I woke up all alone and blah so i invited Roxy over and we talked for a while. Then, she went home, and I ran errands. I was happy all by myself. It started snowing and I am not sure how I feel about that. I am sort of like UGH! snow! but also I sort of like it because its different than our usual MI weather. I am looking outside and it is really coming down out there. It is totally sticking to the ground even tho Tristia told me that it wouldn't and Roxanne was praying it wouldn't. I knew it! YAY for me and my snow happiness.
Tonight I meet hir family. WOO! I don't know how i am supposed to act. At first she 'suggested' I wear a skirt and she would do the whole dressy male thing. Well, It is freezing and I decided that I didn't want to wear a skirt so I am not. I think I look fine in pants and a turtleneck. So, here is hoping. Funny thing, I didnt like what she was wearing so I suggested she dress different. So, she is wearing a turtleneck, too. At least I didnt wear black, then we would really match. HAHA! it is going to be a fun filled evening, I can just tell. We both look like females.
this bring about a thought:
why is it supposed to be that lesbian couples are supposed to not be the same? we are expected to look different at each thing.
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