BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

what a weekend..

We shopped on Friday. LOL, we mostly bought for ourselves, how sad are we? But we did get a few things for other people. Then we slept before we both had to work. Gary came over that night and we watched a movie. aww! Saturday I worked in Flushing. Sunday I was on cleaning duty at the store and it sucked. I was in a really bad mood yesterday and cried half the night for no reason. I am just stressing about this holiday season and how to make it good for everyone i love. we have our tree up and semi-decorated, we need some more ornaments, though. Tristia wants to win this decorated window thing Charter Oaks is doing. ( u win $25)So, she put some snow things on the windows and will be putting lights up around the windows. I have wrapped everything that I have bought so far and that's good. I just have to buy some things for my brother and for Tris family and I will be done. We bought stockings for ourselves and for our brothers. So, if anyone wants to get us gifts, just get stocking stuffers, we have HUGE stockings! today i get to go to work after class and then fit some time in for homework. I am determined NOT TO MISS ANY more of my classes! I only have 3 weeks of the semester left and I will go every day unless I get snowed in or something crazy. Tomorrow I have class, exec meeting, then the women and HIV panel at 3pm. I told Gary I would go shopping with him tomorrow, too. I want to do some serious cleaning at home, though. I really need to go buy a broom/dustpan/mop. GRR! Wednesday I have school, then GSA, and then World AIDS day. WOOHOO! the never ending excitement.

10 things I want for Christmas

book: (1)suicide girls, (2)drag king anthology

dvd: (3)Law and Order: SVU, (4) Mango Kiss

(5) Divine Venus razor (its purple)

(6)new camera

(7)Victoria Secret anything Secret Romance or Vanilla Lace

(8)carmel apple or peach smelling candles

(9)shelves mount on the bedroom wall

(10)king size sheets


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