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So this has been the week from hell. Everything that I thought was good has went wrong. I just feel overwhelmed and i want the holidays to be over. I am working like 2 million hours this next week... in flushing.. and i dont really ever work there, so that sucks. I have to use tons of gas driving to Flushing from Davison and back. GRR!! A co-worker is in jail for at least a week so they really need hours covered, even with Sara on days and 2 new people hired and Helen back on staff. I really don't understand why I am needed there again. That is WAY more than what they have been working with. Anywho, just gotta make it through this and then I will hopefully be transferred and won't have that long treck back and forth. so, here is what my shitty schedule looks like: Thursday 3-11pm, Friday off, Saturday 3-11pm, Sunday 12-8pm, Monday 3-11pm, Wednesday 5-10pm. So that is 37 hours and I can really use that money. Friday is Man of the Month, so everyone should go to the Triangle. Also, we are having our thankgiving celebration that night around 6pm. I hope that all can make it. This is the formal invitation.
World AIDS day celebration tonight at 7pm, hope that all can make it. Emily will be playing her giutar. WOOHOO! definitely goodness. Been hanging with Roxanne more, she thinks I should smoke pot. LOL. Not my style. I dreamed last night that Tristia didnt want me anymore. She didnt want me anywhere near her, it was sad for me. Eh, gonna go home and make some lunch for me and my grrl.

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