BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

bad dreams

this had been a weird week for dreaming. I dreamed I was suffocating after some construction stuff gave way earlier this week. It was really freaky and I thought about it all day afterward. I just woke up from a true nightmare and I can't go back to sleep. My dream was a twist of the movie High Tension and a you tube video I saw of an automaton. It was really terrifying. I tried to call myself down but when that wouldn't work, I woke Cole. I was feeling hysterical and didn't know what to do. He turned his light on (bedside table) and tried to calm me but I got worse. The thing is that I know it's a dream but my emotions are out of control. The next thing I know I'm hyperventilating, scared to death to move off the bed. I finally get it together enough to get out of bed and get some water. Then my dog starts barking for no reason and I'm scared to get back in bed. I might have jumped onto the bed rather than sitting down (didn't want my feet to be close to the edge). I haven't had a true nightmare in years and this was awful. Do adults have nightmares regularly? I'm trying to get myself called down enough to attempt sleep again. It has been an hour since I first woke Cole. He's falling asleep on me now, I have the light on so maybe I'll be ok for sleeping. I even opened the bedroom door to let light in, which I never do.
ok, now that I have typed this all out and feel like a kid I'm going to try sleep. o_O

Tags: dreams

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