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so blah! I got up.. after Tristia reset the alarm 20 times.. and didnt go to class this morning. Instead we lazed around and then ate breakfast. She took me to work and i got there and they said i could go home. yay for me. So we came up to MCC and Lori wasn't here for what we needed her for. Thus, we cry! lol.

Yesterday was a horrible day. I came to school and then went home to eat before i had to rush off to work. I found out that my political science teacher is ending class 1 week early because we are so behind on the syllabus! YES! that was good news. i jsut have to do really well on the last test. On my way to work, my car died, yet again. SAME SPOT on 69 west. I think that my car is somehow possessed when it reaches that point. there is no reason why it should continue to be dumb like that. grr. I called work to let them know that i was going to be late. She tells me whatever that its my ass. I am like great, not only am i stuck freezing out here, but i'm gonna get fired, too. So, tristia was supposed to be out of work at 1:30.. i broke down at 1:50pm . she isnt answering the phone. I called Roxanne, she isn't answering. I sign online through my phone and she has an away message up that she can't talk. SO, I am crying hysterically and its freakin cold outside. I don't know what to do.. keep calling people who dont have day jobs.. cant get ahold of anyone. Cry some more.. Some guy stops and asks do i need help. i tell him that i am fine and thanks for stopping. Though, I have no help. at about 2:20 finally i get ahold of tristia and she comes and takes me to work. Then, of course Roxy answers the fucking phone. I was so pissed off. She says she is gonna call Tristia and then come look at my car while i am at work.. by 7pm still nothing from her. So, I call her, oh she forgot. Fuck that. She says she is gonna call tris for real this time and ride with her to get my car and bring it to me. well, nope. never called her. and this is why i hate people. this is why i say i cant depend on anyone. because of fuckers who say they are your friend and say they will help you and then LIE LIE LIE.. or forget!grr. i should have known better than to depend on her anyhow. shit.
Marci and Joel broke up yesterday.. on their 3 year anniversary. He called her and told her that he wasn't in love with her anymore! Can you believe that?! After everything they have been through, all this time together, he tells her that they are going in different directions and he fell out of love. Apparently, this happened overnight. She was so happy, they weren't fighting. Life was good. and then he freakin dumps her. Note: he is her first serious boyfriend, first love, first lover, first everything. (she is 23). and her first heartbreak. I could kill him. I remember how he hurt my feelings time and again and i can only imagine how she is feeling after all these years and after everything she has given him.. her love, her time, etc. She and i havent been close that much since they got engaged or whatever but i think that we will definitely start being better friends now. I just hate that everyone is breaking up right now. that totally sucks. isnt this supposed to be that lovey time of year, not the dumping time of year? hugs*

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