BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

holy shit. could everyone just add a little more drama into their lives please? i dont think that i have enough shit to deal with this week, ok?! Lets attack eachother and be bitter and sarcastic and act like we are all bad asses. I really dont understand how people live day after day being so fucking bitter with one another. if you are my friend, be my friend, dont be an ass because you know someone else who doesnt like me. let the 3rd party take up for themselves and confront me. if you cant handle competing, dont enter the contest. no one asks that we all get along 100% of the time, just that we respect eachothers differences. i know that i, too, am guilty of not respecting other opinions sometimes but i have learned the hard way that everyone isnt always going to be the same. everyone isnt going to like everything that other people do. we are going to have conflict over this, though, and why? i dont understand. on stupid ass issues we are going to act like its the biggest thing ever and throw a tantrum involving 20 million fuckers who have no reason to be involved. AAHHHH! i am so tired of people being stupid and not dealing with their own shit before they start putting it on other people. wait until you have thought out the situation before you react. DAMMIT!

now that is over.. today is blah. i am sick and i dont feel well. once again i didnt go to class because i can barely move i feel so dead. i have GSA in like 10 minutes and i dont feel like doing it. then i have to go to work. this weeks schedule: wed 5-10, thur 3-11, fri off, sat 3-11, sun off, mon 1-8, tues 6-2, wed 5-11. YAY i work all freakin wednesdays. i hate that shit. anyway, mroe hours means more $$ and we know i need that right now. i am so damn broke. fuck.

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