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SO, i am feeling a bit better today. the head cold is a little less blinding. I actually woke up today and accomplished some things. Mainly I bought a zillion dollars worth of groceries. We won't be hungry for a long time, hopefully. I went to pick up a package that i got from Ebay and dammit, it wasn't what i thought it was . So now i wasted money on something dumb that i can't possibly put to any use what-so-ever and that blows. I just chatted with Alex for a lil bit about life and shyness and things. I hope we all become much happier people.
So, i know my last entry was angry Billi, which is much UNlike me. So, I am sorry if anyone took it in a way that seems as though i hate you. I don't hate anyone. Yesterday was just the day from hell and everything was pissing me off. Including me feeling like the LJ community was attacking tristia/tom. I don't know why I get over protective sometimes. I should just shut up and let her deal with it. I was laying in bed last night thinking about how my entry would be percieved by strangers and friends alike. I am not angry with anyone. I was having a shitty day and everything was making it all worse. To the 12 people who maybe are reading this: sorry if you took it personal. It may or may not have involved you and i apologize for any implications.
I need to write this letter of interest and do up a spiffy resume to send to TGMI. I am just slow getting around to things. I have to work tonight and i am glad because I need time to do something other than stress out about money. I dont work at all in Flushing this week, bless my soul. My birthday is 27 days away (Jan 5) and I just want it to be here already. Everyone loves birthdays, right. I will be 22, hard to believe isnt it? I will be another year older than Tristia. LOL, she will always be years behind me.
My sister's birthday is today and I just can't get the guts up to call her. After everything she said before she moved, I just can't bring myself to talk to her or anything. I should be the better person and just call her but no way! not after everything. I don't want to risk another confrontation/fight with her. I can't put myself through that again. She already hates me. So, no happy birthday from me. I got her a Xmas present though.. my peace offering. HA, yea right.

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