BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

Lunch break post

Rather than reading like I usually do during lunch, today I am getting my pedicure at a place around the corner from my office. I'm so much more impressed with them than my usual place by home. They actually clean the tubs out in between customers! They grab a clean set of tools, too. I feel the extra $5 this costs me will be totally worth it because of the cleanliness. My usual place never cleans out the tubs. They drain the water, rinse, and then put the next feet in the tub. Ooh, my excitement!

Also, I'm slowly transitioning into my new role. Today I got my first new case and immediately went to my supervisor to ask her what do I do? Ha ha. Our admin staff deliver and assign the new cases so she was unaware I was getting this one. Yay for a new kind of work. I'm excited to feel more productive and helpful. My new office mate and I are getting along great. I feel so relaxed compared to my old office. I still can't get over how different it feels to be in the office.

But how are you doing?

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