BILLI (billinaction) wrote,


last night i dreamed that 1. i was a cutter and 2. i was in highschool and lived with my dad.
when i was younger i used to dream that i transferred to a horrible spacious school and i always got lost. ( i really went to small schools) In my dream i was at the same scary big school and my friend Dusty was there with me ( i miss him) and Tristia was there and Chris P was there. Anyway, it was weird and we all went to this big assembly in the auditorium and there was nowhere for Dusty to sit.
Then it flashes to me at home after the assembly and i am laying in bed. I had cut myself the previous day and I was looking at it, and I pulled the cut open so i could see it bleed. just laying in bed watching myself gush. well, my dad came in and was like, whats all this blood. it was nuts. i apparently had a lil sister in the dream b/c she was hugging me and telling me not to die. weird. dreams!
work blows. i get to train over Xmas break, so that excites me. I want to start getting more hours and the extra $1 an hour will be NICE! okie, i am gonna go. i havent eaten all day and i am literally starving. XOXOXO
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