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Day of Mourning

At midnight this dumb state will be changed.. for a while at least. Michigan's constitution changes as of tomorrow. Today the 'Marriage Protection Amendment' was written in and tomorrow will be implemented. Merry Freakin Christmas Queers.. NO MORE RIGHTS FOR YOU! because that's the way democracy works and that's how the Christian Coalition wants it to stay. Has anyone heard that song by Alix Olsen about the USA being for sale and how The CC is bidding high? Hell yea they are, those people are taking away every freedom that citizens have, especially the citizens that don't feed into that theology and bullshit. The people who are queer christians get stuck in this fucked up mess of live or die. Live as you know you are or die because the church says you aren't good enough. grr. .I hate this country most days. Tonight I went to our capital to listen to several speakers mourn with us about this amendment passing. It was really moving. J.M. of the Foundation burned a copy of the Michigan Constitution as it is currently written. Those few protections that we had will no longer exist tomorrow, so why honor it?! Maybe this will be seen as crazy and a little extreme. I think it was just the right touch on the steps of the capital to watch the document burn. This one lady who is with the Michigan NASW (national association of social workers) gave a really moving speach. I liked her. She made me sad/happy. Nathan Triplett, a college activist I have emailed with for a few months now, spoke too. I liked what he had to say about making schools safe and changing things.
On another note, things are going better. I am finally done with Political Science. I only have a final in math left to complete. That will be done on Wednesday and then no more school for a while. WOOHOO! I am going to be doing some intense training at the store. Transfer goes thru officially tomorrow. FINALLY! So, I get to learn a lot of things before the manager goes on a 2 week vacation and me and the other assistant are technically left in charge. It's good times though.
going to the triangle tonight because there is an Xmas Show and it will be really goodness. Sara and her mom are coming. Tris is really tired so we wont be out too late tonight. thats good tho. she doesnt work tomorrow and i do. ugh!

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