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i finished my math final like an hour ago! YAY! no more fall semester. finally freakin over!! WOO HOO! now i have to sell my book and go buy the new ones for NEXT year. Yippee skippy. isnt that fabulous. i have had a long week that will only get longer. i am working mostly firsts while i am learning things. our manager is on vacation as of tomorrow for 2 weeks so this leaves me and the other 2 trainees doing stuff while an 'associate manager' babysits us. So far so good. I did my first report yesterday (screwed it up)and I learned some new stuff. I am getting the hang of things. its a process, tho, like everything else in life. blurb! i work 3rd tonight to put up our stock and i get out at 3am.. then go back into work at 10am. so i hope when i get off and get home i will be able to fall right asleep. i think i'm done XMas shopping. maybe some stocking stuffers for my brother. but yea. i get to work 1st on xmas just like i wanted and that makes me happy. so i have the rest of the day to just chill and stuff, hang out with family. trying to decide when i will get to open things with tris family since i work morning and she works evening that day. maybe on the 27th or something. blah. i mailed out presents to my neice,nephew, sister,my halfbrother,and his half sister, my dad and his woman. So that should be fun times. I got my dad and his bitch shooters and shot glasses. they party alot. lol. i thought it was funny.
today is 8 months for us being together. seems like forever i tell you. alright. i need to go sell/buy school books. i already scheduled my orientation, too. so i am all set to learn!
MY BIRTHDAY IS IN 14 DAYS! there will be a party the day of my bday (a wednesday) at my apartment!
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