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we did get rats. 2 males Grr and Squee.. lol funny. My birthday was fun. Everything has been goodness lately. We are considering some serious life changing decisions. I am excited of course because I am getting older and I want to be more 'mature'. We are considering being foster parents. This had taken much thought and hell of a lot of reading. I read the intire MI Foster PRIDE handbook thingy in a night. So, I know more than I did last week but there is still so much more to know and go through. I want to have children some day and Tristia wants to adopt. Both or our mothers were either foster or adopted and so we believe in the objectives of foster/adoption. Many people will think that we are crazy, that we are young. We dont know what we want or where we are going. Roxanne and I were talking about marriage after a month and everyone was supportive of that. Tris and i are discussing co-parenting and we have been together 9 months. Strange thing is that I dont know if time really matters. I havent ever felt as loved and as happy as I do with Tristia. I think that I am with her and that I will be with her for a very long time. It's just one of those things that you just know and you feel it and we BOTH know that this is where we want to be. I didnt imagine what it would feel like if i ever fell in love again but whatever i was thinking this has totally surpassed that. Just the feeling of knowing how she feels and knowing that we want the same things. That has been a problem in past relationships.. going down different paths. We know what we want long term and we know how to achieve that. Its something we get to do together and thats awesome. Anyway, back to the foster thing. We are going to wait to officially start any sort of training program until after I graduate this year. So that I can have a stable job and we will feel more secure. Maybe we can even look into getting a home that isnt an apartment. We want to be able to provide better for the child/children that we may be taking care of. It is good that we are waiting because there are a lot of things we need to learn. I am going to look into some training classes and maybe we can go through some educational stuff before we officially start. So that we are both 100% that we are ready for this responsibility. How amazing!
my brother has been staying with us for like a week and i am going crazy. i cant wait until he isnt there anymore. only a few days left. i gave him a time limit and he has to go. blah.
5 members of my family are expecting babies! can you believe that?! i am happy and sad all at the same time. None of these children were planned, all accidents. 3 of them are to young people/couples. I am envious that i will never have that accidental pregnancy that so many heterosexual couuples fear. I would love to just find out i was pregnant and having a child that was concieved in love.. impossible i know.. but it would be so nice to be able to share that wonderful experience naturally instead of all the work queer couples have to go through in order to be parents! FUCK

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