BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

Eye Emergency

Here in Philadelphia we have a world class eye center, Wills Eye. Last night the regular ER referred me there because they have an eye emergency room (what?). Today I went in and was seen quickly and had 2 hours of poking. Result: 2 issues in my right eye- retina hemorrhage and my eye is steering on it's own (lazy/wandering eye).
To fix: get a long eye test done next week to see if the blood in my eye changes at all and come up with action plan. To fix the wandering eye I have to see a specialist with a weird name. They'll give me prism glasses and figure out if I need anything else to help with that. That's also a few hours long test that I'll have in August.

Meanwhile, my eyes are sore and dilated. I want to sleep for 20 hours for the soreness to wear off.

Tags: medical
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