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Postcard RoundUp

26 postcards this week!! 2 won't be shown because I was lazy and didn't photograph them before tacking them up in Joyce's room. She really likes cats and I give her the pick of those postcards. :)

My favorite card this week:
20151010_214103 Dogue de Brodeaux, one of many cards from Shelby!

20151010_213735 20151010_21375220151010_213816 20151010_213829 20151010_213840
20151010_213856 first 6 cards are part of a Facebook swap with a woman in California.
20151010_21390620151010_21393520151010_213946 These 3 are surprises - the building is a blacksmith shop that was part of a commune- Bishop Hill.
20151010_21395420151010_214007 20151010_214020
20151010_214054 20151010_21412120151010_21412920151010_214137
20151010_214143 these dog, cat, and Bernie card are from greeneyedsadie such a lovely surprise today!
20151010_21424020151010_21425020151010_214306 5 cards from Erie were part of a magnet swap, I also got cool magnets to go with these.

This is the front and back of a card I swapped for on Facebook! I love the Spain map and the stamps/stickers/tape he used (yes, I intentionally blurred the addresses)
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