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After spending the entire day yesterday talking drag and putting shit together/helping hir practice, an eye appointment, and some cheering up.. i think we are ready for the show. We picked up hir tux, and I dont think Tom has ever looked more handsome than he does in it. How sexy!! We then went for hir to an eye appointment, then to some stores so she could get some little accessory things. We had dinner with Erin and Sara, which was nice, and a little bit odd. I still can't believe Sara has a girlfriend! We went home to have hours of dress rehearsal and practice.. I have never been a part of hir practicing and dressing up. It was really nice to feel included and have hir want my opinions and critisisms. the DJ finally came through for hir, after MONTHS of pressure and bugging him. so, at least he finally tweaked hir music right the night before the show. She asked me last night if she looked like a natural boy and it was cute. With the dark hair and the style she has now, she can definitely pass as a boi. No question. Her mother is not happy with how she looks now. told her it was ugly. i didnt think that was very nice of her to say to her daughter.
My brother didnt get the apartment with the queer boi.. and he didnt get it because he isnt gay. i dont know how i should feel about that. it was just weird to have a gay person be like that. whatever. so he has 1 week to find somewhere to be. because i cant be his mother when i am trying to be have my old children or start fostering. blah..
i think that i am going to go to law school. not that i really want to be a lawyer or anything. i really hate the thought of being one actually. but the only way to learn all that i need to know to be a politician is to go to law school.. so yea, law school awaits me some day. for now, i really want to start a family. i am 1/2 way to where i want to be. i can start parenting and then finish my degree. then as the kids get older go back fulltime and become a politician. yay. its something i'm thinking about. any ideas?
On the Today show this morning this stupid religious right said that Spongebob promotes homosexuality. Has anyone heard about this yet? OMG, i was like watching this guy say how they are pro-gay and it made me laugh. There is this video of the song We are Family that has a lot of cartoon characters on it and apparently that is percieved as a homo thing.. AND.. there is a tolerance clause on the webpage of we are that includes sexual identity. the religious are using this against the cartoon guys saying that that they are promoting. so does that mean they are also promoting interracial marriage and help for handicapped people? OMG, what now?! I really hate people sometimes.
I came out to my class today and it was weird. The person assigned to be my commentator didnt comment on it. We had to tell our 'live story' sort of today and then there was a person who got to comment on what we said. the guy just said it was good i wanted to be something big and why would i want to move to MI from AL. eh, interesting i guess. it was very scary for me. wonder why i still get scared when i come out sometimes..

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