BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

Day 1

Friday was awesome mostly. Ariel and I went out for breakfast, went to a gift shop near the Maritime Museum, went to La Jolla Cove to see seals, drove through Coronado Island area. That was all before 2pm. Then we checked into the rental house and went grocery shopping. At around 4:45 our travel companions found their way to us. Remember they aren't planners so they just didn't meet up with us all day!

At Maritime Museum

It was so sunny and hot that I probably should have bought shorts immediately but I didn't.

La Jolla Cove seals

I was so happy to visit the cove and see the seals. I really wanted to be closer so I climbed a mountain of rocks..but it didn't put me closer. My thighs and feet still hurt from this excursion.

I climbed through this barefoot..It was a near death experience.

I really enjoyed Ariel showing me around and getting to see the areas that I knew I wanted to visit.

Love the waves

I was very annoyed that our travel companions ditched us. They were incommunicado for most of the day. Then text "we would like to see you before our evening plans" and then came to the house for an hour. I was really irritated but whatever. They made plans to go out tonight also so it really feels like they are on a 2 person vacation and just happen to be in the same house as us. I'm trying not to act like my feelings are hurt but they are. This is not what I envisioned.

Last night my friend Dan and his wife Ali came over for dinner. I hadn't seen him in ten years since he moved to California from Michigan. It was great to catch up and meet Ali. We played the card game Never Have I Ever. We were not drunk but it was so much fun and we laughed a lot. Learned a lot about one another and there was no judgement. I would recommend it only in a group of laid back friends. Stiff people will not enjoy the cards or admitting to things they've done sexually or whatever. They are going to join us on our adventures today. I also drank a Loko last night. Has anyone drank these canned booze drinks? Pretty tasty and got me very tipsy.

Dan and Ariel playing cards

I can't find a mail box anywhere and that has made me increasingly sad. Our rental guy says it's because mail boxes were blown up a few yrs ago and they didn't replace them in the neighborhoods. Boo!

4 linked by letters pals

Today we venture to Balboa Park and to the ocean again. We might go to a museum or other part of the city too. No clue what our evening plans will be yet, hopefully more relaxing. My feet are still hurting from climbing and I need to figure out a pain remedy.

It's only 6:30 am but I'm going to make myself breakfast, shower, and go for a walk. Everyone else is fast asleep!
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