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a few things that I want to get off my chest.. lets start with family stuff.
1. my brother is making me crazy.. and now his car is broke down so i have to deal with him more.. sharing my car and/or taking him places until he gets this thing fixed!!
2. my sister and the kids are moving from FL to AL, which should be exciting but is just dumb. She is moving in with a girl that i swear is a hooker or something of the same type. I will never get to see my niece and nephew !
3. my mother is being weird. for like 2 weeks now she doesnt talk to me. i call and she says she has to call me back but then she never calls me. She is doing this to everyone that calls her. what in the hell is she trying to hide? I think something is going on down there and she doesnt want us to know. i wish i could just go there and see what is happening!
4. tristia didnt place in man of the year. she put on a hell of a show though. i was really proud of her. i think that a lot of people didnt get into her sets because of whatever. but she did great at what she did. she did all original stuff and looked so hot in that tuxedo.
5. days before the show i met someone who i was not formerly associated with but who knew about me and tristia and who knew several people who tristia competes against. well, aparently some of her competitors said that she steals there ideas. which to me is rediculous because no one there does close to the same styles as she does and no one she competes against has any talents that she wants. So, the killer of this story is that after tristia has been accused by supposed friends and comrades of stealing ideas.. someone performed a song that they had saw tristia do! How amusing is that? Now, who exactly is stealing what? I remember a night at the bar when someone did a show using a song that someone else had done and everyone was like WTF, how can she do that, when so & so did it already?!! Well, I hope someone said that to the person who did this song. I know that he saw Tom do it and then he did it as well. interesting. So, if this pisses you off that I publicized it whatever. I dont appreciate anyone who accuses my girlfriend of something that they themselves are guilty of.
6. judges. so we all think that the idea of having judges instead of audience noise is a good idea for determining who is the winner for man of the year. I understand why Dakota was judging but why the other 2? Brianna isn't Ms. Triangle even? She was a replacement called in last minute.. because she is Ms. Amateur. Well, I think that there should be at least one non-partial judge there. The third judge works at the freakin bar. You think that Bud could come up with someone who wasn't known to all the bar patrons. Just a thought though. It's difficult to not be partial when you know the contestants and maybe that swayed some peoples thoughts.
7. Jaime (Ashton Moore) won and deserved it. That is one of the best shows I have seen him do in a long time. I believe that Jaime has improved a hell of a lot since the first time i saw her go on stage. She is a real crowd pleaser and she had more fun with it than anything. She doesnt appear to get so uptight and nervous like the rest of the drag kings are. She does what she loves and kicks ass at it. I totally respect that. Everyone should take lessons on relaxing from Jaime, Tom included.
8. Tristia has a flat tire today. Thus, her mother brought us to school and will be picking us up after Physical Science. Then I get to go waste time til 3pm when I have to work blah.
9. work sucks. Lisa came by yesterday and told me not to worry about everyone being mad. like people are going to stop bitching -- hell no! they all hate me. just deal with it i keep saying to myself. dont let it stress me out. i have enough going on.
10. a guy i went to high school with had a kid and named him Diesel. guess what the guys last name is?

hahahhahahahaha hahaha LMAO

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