BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

Weird spots

I'm at urgent care waiting to be seen for a strange rash on my arm. Suggested diagnosis: shingles, impetigo, scabies, or allergic reaction. It's very itchy and the original bumpy area is very red and uncomfortable. The larger cluster that appeared this morning itches slightly but not as bad as the original ones. It started on Wednesday and I thought I had a bite of some sort. The itchiness has gotten worse and now it spread so here we sit at the office hoping to figure out what it is. Anti-itch creams and antibiotic creams were effective for short periods of time. Yesterday I covered it with gauze to reduce my itch compulsion but it didn't last. On Friday the original bumps popped themselves in the shower and clear liquid came out. Then they got harder and scabby but no less itchy.

The original bumps are near my wrist

Cluster of 12 appeared this morning in a line down towards my elbow
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