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My week in photos

White dress you all loved

I felt compelled to share this since so many of you commented on liking this dress. It is very comfy and I'm wearing it to church today.

My old Minnesota friend, Kyle, was in town for a few days and crashed on our couch. We haven't talked in over 5yrs just because distance happens. But as soon as she was here we picked up like we never left off. That was nice.

With Kyle

Yesterday and this morning we gardened. We pulled weeds, decreased the heaps of mulch, planted bulbs, and put down new red mulch (it was black). It was exhausting but will look good once our flowers start popping up.

Looks weak but will grow into awesomeness

Before 9:30am today we had dropped Kyle at the airport, swam at the gym, went to home depot, and mulched the yard!

Today we will be painting a planter in glow in the dark paint and putting some blossomed plants into it in the backyard. That way Joyce can have some flowers to look at out the window. I am excited to see what it looks like once it is dark! Plus, the grass will get mowed today. We finally have a nice weather weekend so we must take advantage of it.

Tomorrow we are off work and will go work out, go on a long walk with the dogs, and take Joyce to a Dr appt. It'll be nice. I'm premaking some food for the week, too. Turkey meatballs and scones, yummy.

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