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I worked til 3am and I am exhausted. i have class in a few minutes and i dont wanna go there. i have to go back to work immediately after class.. blah. i think i am gonna go str8 tonight and go out with Dan and Kristin. This should be interesting. Been a long time since i have been to a non-queer place. We will see how tired i am as to if i do end up going out after work.
Ah. We are going to Royal Oak on Monday so that should be exciting. There is this Drag King on Tour thing we wanna go see. total excitement.
at like 6am my brother calls me because his damn car broke down and he needed me to take him to work. I was so exhausted and luckily Tristia offered to go and get him. That was totally awesome of hir. So I got like not even 4 hours of sleep before i was awake and gettin ready to come to campus.
i really want everyone to settle down. I know that what I want is completely irrelevant but yea. i just want everyone to stop hating Tristia just because I was bitching about judges and shit. If anyone wants to complain about names being spelled right, you should spell mine right too, oh and spell Tristia's right as well. Spelling is a minor offence considering all of the accusations going around. So, you spell ours wrong, we spell yours wrong. big deal. woop. woop. Tom loves to do drag and most of you boi's do. Because you can't see eye-to-eye on what judges think and whatnot is not a reason to start quitting the stage. There is always someone who won't like what you do and I think we all agree that it is part of the show. Everyone isn't always going to agree.. especially in a setting like last week.. with no anonymous judges. Whatever though. I knew shit would get stirred because no one likes to hear negative about anything.. but its my journal and its how i feel. so deal with it. at least i have the guts to say what i want to say and not go behind your backs. granted i didnt confront you personally but obviously you knew who i was talking about since i got all these replies. we all have opinions about eachother, that is sort of obvious right now with all this shit talking, but opinions have changed since we first met. maybe i thought you sucked and now i like you.. or maybe i liked you and now i think you suck. its just something that happens when you get to know people.. so whenever you say someone had an opinion at some point.. chances are that opinion has changed with time. Lets end this and since I started it all, I will end now. no more king drama. just go on the stage, make googly eyes and drive the ladies wild!!

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