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today was another day of me being pissed off at my current situation. Tristia got yet another flat tire this morning (she had one last tuesday.. different tire). So at 5am we are stranded waiting for her aunt to come get us and take her to work. So, she goes to work and RaShell is taking me home.. and my brother drives past us in MY car.. i try to stop him but of course he doesnt recognize me. GRR. So, I get home and realize I have no vehicle to take Ryan to school (t's lil bro) so RaShell has to take him so that he doesnt miss school. All of this crap wouldnt seem like such a bad idea if i wasnt parenting my brother. He wouldnt have the use of my car and thus tris would have drove herself to work and i could have saved hir when it broke down and then went home and take ryan to school at 7. Well, no. so i was really frustrated all day by it. then Gary comes home hours late and i missed the GSA meeting. The president misses the meeting!! yea, I have never missed one of our meetings and i felt like an ass. I called Nick, my vice, and told him the agenda so that he could pull the meeting together once i realized i wasnt going to make it in. tristia was with her dad taking her car to get new tires. blah. So, eventually Gary was home, I screamed too much. Me and tristia left to come to her class. We stopped by WalMart to get the last of the drag pics. WalMart lost them. Can you believe that? We had 3 rolls of film and we dropped them off on the same day. We got 2 back on Monday and they said well maybe its a day behind come back bla bla.. so we went today and they still dont have them. Tristia lost the little tag things to verify the pics were ours, too. So they cant like hunt them down. GRR! Man of the month is not this friday but the one after. I am not sure who all will be in it except i know Precious will be doing her first drag show that night. I figure that the usuals will be in it, but i dont know. Tristia doesnt have the time to get into it right now.
yesterday i went to FIA to get some more info on foster care. Apparently in Flint there is ONE woman who handles all this sort of thing. I can get no info, nothing, unless I speak with her and she wasnt in her office. So, I am unsure as to what I will be doing next except keep on calling her. The receptionist lady says ' These days things are all handled first with a social worker'. Not to mention that all 3 receptionists that i had to see were not very nice. They all repeated me with 'You want to be a foster parent' and looked at me like i was nuts. I hate when people act like because i am not 30ish i dont have a right to anything considered adult or mature. blah on them.
i have the pics on CD but its set up odd and i am having a not to good time getting them to work on the MCC computer. ECK!

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