BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

one of those days..

gonna be one of those days.. its snowing again.. after 2 days of blah and rain and good warm weather. it started snowing on my way to school. grr. i want spring time already.. isnt it right around the corner? at least i get to hang out today with SARA!! WOOHOO! we have catching up to do.. found out some more crazy shit last night about other folks. its so weird how everyone dates in a circle. i cant know anyone who hasn't or isnt dating someone that is somehow connected to me. for flint to be so large, there sure as hell is a shortage on lesbians who havent dated everyone i know.
ok, time for physical science! woohoo. i failed the last test and that sucked. but i got my DL grade and i made a 70!! that made me feel sort of good since i did bad on science. aight. i'm out.
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