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i survived the entire day and night of work yesterday. blah and today is a better day. there is lots of sunshine even though it is freezing outside (to me at least). Ok, so there is a hell of a lot of she said going on right now, especially involving these journals. Which is totally cool because thats just how public journals are. We have these journals so that we can express our feelings to ourselves and sometimes let in our friends and mostly be internet wide. Some do friends only, some are public, some are always private only. However you want your journal, yippee for you.. but when you are reading mine.. its how i feel, its what i have been up to, its shout outs and 'you should knows' to the people around me. I care alot about the people close to me and I dont want any of them to be hurt by anyone else. The 'cheating heart' series is because my best friend continues to feel threatened by her partners ex. I feel very frustrated that someone with a significant other would still be trying to hook up with someone else's girlfriend. I have a written letter about how this chic wanted to tell my best friend that her girlfriend really belonged to this chic and not to her. This is a new relationship and a happy one, and i dont want to see my friend get hurt because someone doesnt know what they want. I have no ill will about cheating heart. The best way to describe how I feel.. we all hate Gary Glenn and GW Bush because of statements they have made or things that they have done.. not directly to us but that have indirectly effected us, correct? Maybe these men are good people who have made bad decisions... maybe. lol. anyway, that is how i feel about this person. I do not know her, we have said maybe 20 words to eachother in our lives. I do know about things that she has done and things that the people around her have said about her. i have not formulated any opinions about her because of these things, but I do not respect her actions regarding my friends relationship. Maybe that will make a little more sense to the 5 people on here who know what I am talking about. I didnt realize this was going to become a huge drama fest with someone thinking that i hate them or that i am out to do damage, which i am not. i could have publicized the letter if i wanted to really get shit started. but, we all have preconcieved notions and because we read eachothers journals sometimes we think that we know EXACTLY what eachother really means or is thinking. I disagree with this unless you know the writer well. So, having said this. I will continue to have my internet wide journal and will let whomever wants comment on the things that are going on with me and hope that you can respect that i am letting you into this much of me.
anyway, so yea, about the drag show.. i think we want at least 6 people.. male and female to participate in it. we are getting the space reserved this week so we will know exactly what sort of space we are working with and what exactly we have to do to pull this off. I am hoping that some of the kings from DKR will be able to make it up here for the show, that would be really awesome. so sorry Trent cant make it. He's cute. I really want this to be a success. No one ever comes to anything that we host and it really pisses me off. We are going to do a huge advertising campaign so that maybe we can get some more people out here and be active. The flint queers dont support eachother as much as we should. We should all be involved in everything.
gotta got get tristia's oil changed and do HREL homework! ONE WEEK TIL MINNESOTA!!!

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