BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

tristia had a fun idea
she is going to dress in drag one day and come to school and hand out fliers for the show! So, if any of you other participants (jamie and jen) want to come be fun at mott and advertise, that would be super awesome. Also, We need to get some queens if this is even possible. I dont personally know anyone but Eric and I rarely talk to him.. maybe I will ask tonight if he feels like helping out. Remember, this is a fundraiser for the GSA and so kings/queens will be donating all tips and we are going to charge $3 cover to get in. Hope that you all come to the bar tonight. I have presents.
on another note.. we are finally having a student government board meeting. our pres has been MIA for like 3 weeks and so we have been doing it all on our own but he is back now. so we have to get together and decide what we are going to do. we arent going to have weekly meetings anymore, i dont think. only biweekly because our student senators dont think that weekly is accomplishing everything. so whatever. this semester is really going down hill. no one comes to the Gay Straight Alliance meetings and no one wants to come to student government either. I used to love this shit and now its a waste when i feel like i am the only one who cares. last week i was the only officer here to run the fucking meeting. GRR and i'm just the parliamentarian. So, hopefully we can get back on track and participation will go up. grr. i hate slackers sometimes
anyhow.. work til 8, got shifts switched and then i am going to the Triangle.. woohoo. been forever since we went up there. so i'm excited to see everyone take the stage again.
seems like there is drama around the Kiss My Gender Show but I really hope that that works out for all parties. This show was meant for a benefit not for anyone to get more PR or raise awareness for an individual. Everyone should realize that working together isnt that bad.. if you can do it.

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