BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

by now we all know that tristia totalled her car on Friday night.. so that really sucks. She still has neck pain but  over all she is back to her cute lil self. Nothing keeps her down for long. On the way back from her accident, my car died. Roxanne said its probably the alternator or the fuel pump. the way that it sounds at least. it just stopped accelerating and died, out of nowhere. but i have replace the fuel pump and the alternator in the last year and a half.. so whatever. Good thingg I can still ask roxanne about this crap, she did all the work on my piece of shit. Looks like tris will be driving her old car and that's okay. my uncles are supposed to come look at my POS today and maybe get it running or we are going to have some serious issues about who gets to go to work.
On another note.. I gave Tristia her early Valentine's gift at like 1am today. I got her a beautiful promise ring. It was cuteness. She almost cried. Aw... its a cute story but since there are some people who dont have mushy Vday's i wont make you jealous with my story. But, at least she liked it and she loves me. So, no more nervousness. All turned out well. hehe.
The conference in this week. they finally printed a listing of the breakouts.. you aren't going to believe this.. there are only 52 breakouts offered.. and most are offered twice.. which i guess is sort of good.. but i have a feeling this isnt going to be that interesting. I think that there are only like 3 that deal with trans issues.. one is a trans highschool librarian talks, one is about creating change, one for 'new wave of activism'-gender stereotypes. I hope that these are all good. Seems like there was so much more offered last year. Maybe no one wants to facilitate because its in i dont know. i just want to learn more things and meet good people. I have some vibes that i will be disappointed but whatever. life will go on and i will make the best of this opportunity..

eh, gonna go do some other interesting things..


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