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terrible tuesday

I forgot that i had this meeting at 9am today with Dean Deen and I really look like shit. I am sad that I forgot. My phone alarm went off with the reminder at the same time i was reading the 'reminder email'. Grr. I could barely role out of bed this morning to get Tristia to school. She tried getting me up for like an hour but I just couldn't get there. So, I got up later and didnt have much time to get ready. I also had to proofread a paper she wrote for study skills class. If you have read her writing, its a lot to proof. But its okay. Only took me like 20 more minutes than I had expected. She didn't tell me it was 6 pages long to begin with. ugh. Now i have to go be important and respectful to a woman that i would swear hates me. she refuses to let the GSA secretary do anything with us. She has turned him down on almost every activity in the last year no matter if it was GSA related or getting a job on campus. So we are continuing the let brian participate campaign. and i look like crap. normally this wouldnt bother me but when i have to talk to someone high up i rather look better. i am wearing one of tristias shirts and my hair is BARELY dry.
so, yesterday, we get up to go to work and guess what? Tristia's dads car wont work. so we have successfully killed 3 cars in just as many days. not a good thing. she was crying and i called work. Dan left and came to get me so he wouldnt have to work a double shift lol. Sara picked me up and took me home. Tris mom took her to work and got her home. Still no one will come look at my car.. so her dad does. He swears its the gas, apparently I 'ran out'. which was impossible considering i put $24 in on Wed and it died on Friday. I dont drive that much. so i know its impossible.. but whatever. the put gas in it, it starts.. they also put gas directly into the carburetor. so, the car is fixed right? I figure i should go fill the gas tank up since is supposed to be empty. I break the law, leave the car running while fueling.. before i have $4 the car dies. just idles itself down so low and shuts off. so, now, for the first time since our car fiasco, i am upset.. and i call Tristia's parents. Her dad comes to the gas station and puts gas into the carburetor again, its ready to run. So i am thinking, I am gonna have to start putting gas directly into the carburetor to make it run, lol, thats gonna look crazy.. but i call my stepdad in AL and he tells me that since this happened twice its probably my fuel filter. So, I suggest it to Rick and he says, hmm. i will see about getting you one. About 45 minutes later he is back and puts the filter on. It runs. This whole time of fixing my car, he never takes it for test drives around the complex or anything. Just because it starts doesnt mean that it drives, obviously. So, I waited til this morning and was praying to whomever that the damn thing would drive today. Tristia started it to warm it up and by the time we got ready to leave it was dead. so i was like oh shit. started it back up, she was fine. woohoo. we made it successfully to the school and I have a car again!! I dont know what I'd have done otherwise. I mean, blah. We both work tonight and get out at 8pm. So, at least our schedules sort of match. Tomorrow we just have GSA and I have to do Eby. ugh. I am also getting my hair done tomorrow. Gotta look cute for our trip. lol.
Valentines Day was cute. I had bought one of those Love Notes books to write notes back and forth. So i gave her that and the card. I had already given her the ring. She got me a dozen tulips (my fave and she was the first person to ever get me tulips), a frog that has a collar 'I could be your prince' and makes kissy sounds, a watch, and a BIG card. It was cute. The day was really long and tiring. After arriving at work an hour late i had a million things to do. I forgot to count cigs because i got there late.. she didnt realize it until later and i think she was pissed that i didnt do it. too bad. mondays are always crazy days. sara and i had lunch when i got out and we talked. she burned 3 CD's for me the new Eminem, Gwen Stefani, and Trance 4. So that was awesome. It made me smile. We caught up on some girl gossip and it was funny haha.
Conference is in 3 days and the house is a mess again. We spent a few days last week totally cleaning everything and getting shit in order for while we are away.. but now..its a mess again. lol. just the living room and our pile of laundry. i am beginning to hate laundry days. i work every day before and after the trip and i still have no hours. i will have to look for another job or something. i hate that our hours are being fucked up so much. grr

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