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planning.. a revolution

lol, the subject line just sounded interesting to me and so i wanted to explore it. Our drag show planning is full swing now. I have yet to hear if our space is reserved but damn it, it will be. If we can't get the space we want, then we will have to take whatever we can get. so far, i have 3 kings, Tom Follary, Ashton Moore (Triange Man of the Year), and Jon Godder (spelling?) and I am hoping that someone from DKR will be able to perform with them. We have one scheduled queen from Detroit, I forgot her name, sorry. There are at least 2 more queens waiting for more detail before they commit. so, this will be an awesome show. Please tell everyone that you know about it and make them come with you. Mott doesn't do anything to draw in the community and I want this to be different. I really want to get more people on this campus to be involved and I want more people in Flint to come out for this and see what we can do. Granted this is just a drag show but it will let people know that we are here and we are active. We have had little to no attendance for the last 2 months and this has to stop. There is no one to continue the GSA after this year. Tristia will be the only one that is still here. The rest are leaving here. so, hopefully we will draw a big crowd and students will want to be more involved. eh, who knows.
beside me sits to african american men.
1: hey n***a
2: I'm not a n***a
1: then what the hell are you?
2: an american african
1: whatever, let some of that steam out
#2 was not happy about being called that and it made me smile. so many times i sit here and here things like that and want to scream that its not even right. its derogatory regardless of who says it. blah blah. its weird how you overhear things when you arent even really paying attention.
I worked over last night because Dan is sick and couldnt get out of bed.. but i didnt get home until like midnight and that was sucky. then school today. i know i failed the physical science test i just took. i feel like an ass. i was totally not feeling it at all. i'm so ready to be out of school. i just dont wanna deal with it anymore. i'm ready to focus on my major.. whatever i'm gonna make that be. lol. ok, gonna go do stuff..

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