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long day. worked in flushing and that was exciting. i got to work with sara so we got to chitchat about a little of everything. goodness. then home to relax, or so i thought. it sort of ended up with me being upset/hurt at Tristia and being pouty. I hate trying to explain how i feel when i know that i am the irrational one. i cant make sense of what i feel or why some things really make me feel worthless. ugh.
GSA ~ eventful meeting. Becky brought Jamie and that made me smile. I like it when new people come. I think they laugh at me, but still. Its people so I don't really mind. We are finalizing the drag plans. the room is unofficially booked. the lady said its available, etc, but we have to book the technician for $100 and that is about it. I now have DKR committed, so that is exciting. I am really YAY for that. They should definitely bring a crowd with them. Also, Kim thinks she has at least 3 queens on backup for us. So, its Jaime, Jen, Tris, and DKR for kings.. and then 3 queens!! WOOHOO! this is gonna be a good show. for anyone who still hasn't made the plans/asked for off work. March 17th at 7pm.. should be there early to put on your face, etc. There isn't going to be a scheduled rehearsal because there is no way we can get everyone here from their various locations to do one. Please come prepared with your music, etc. We are also considering doing the Gay?Fine by me thing here. Gotta work it all out. I know at the MI caucaus we all discussed doing it for Day of Silence. We will have to see if that works out for us here at Mott. Officially looks like the GSA won't exist after this year. UNLESS.. we somehow miraculously draw folks in by the drag show or some other recruitment process. we will have to see.
I have to go to sleep now. Have to pic tris up from class at 8 and then work AGAIN at 9pm

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