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CJ advised me when we got a fish not to get suckered into any more pets.. lol.. we are now the proud owners of a cat named Fuzznuts. lol. Sara has to get rid of the kitten and so Tristia and I are going to start being its mommies. Cuteness yes. Apparently he is a little rascal and broke something really important so he has to go or get killed. we dont want him to be harmed. He is coming fully furnished with litter box and food. its funny because we have fish and rats and now a cat. i hope the cat can handle being around the smaller animals. hehe. Roxanne and I once had a cat but it was crazy and so she went to live with Jesus.
I got to work late because the alarm was screwed up. I didnt really care. I knew my work would be there when i got there.. and holy hell.. was there a lot of work. Dan and I were there until almost 4am because there was so much shit. We are usually out by 1:30am. So, I couldnt wake up this morning.. and i slept until Tris left for class. She made me get up so that I could start getting ready so I would at least not miss our lab. So here i am waiting for her to get out of class so we can go to lab and take stupid test. then we both have to go to work. i am so exhausted, the last thing i want to do is go to work. i feel like a crackmonkey. i'm so exhausted. blah.
we have a mandatory student gov't board meeting tomorrow. i am sort of nervous. on the agenda is our roles and responsibilities. i now find out that NO officer was at Friday's meeting. I was in MN so that was virtually impossible. Neither Garrett or Carlos was there.. they are the freakin pres and vice. how insane is that?so they must not have had a meeting. not my fault. i was on a trip that they all knew about. tired of being the only reliable person on this.
Interview with TransGender Michigan on Saturday. I am really nervous now. I think about it every day and what should I say and what to wear. I have no idea what I am getting myself into and that is sort of creepy.. lol. I hope that they pick me and I hope that I can serve them ifficiently. I think I can bring a lot of good things into the organization because I am active in the community around here and I sometimes have good fundraising ideas. though that is not something i am particularly proficient with. oh well. trying to just relax. i have met most of these people before at one event or another so i shouldnt get too uptight. tristia can't go with me so.. all alone. it will be goodness though. i have faith in me.

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