All day has been a hurry up and wait game. I went to an 8am appointment and wasn't seen until 9:30. The visit was not even 4 minutes and I was scheduled for a procedure and sent on my way. That made me miss my dentist appointment and I had to pay a $75 fee for that.

I spent the rest of the afternoon dealing with Mom's insurance. She was terminated from PA Medicaid on 2/29/2020. No notice was recieved by us until the pharmacy and doctor office started calling for "updated information." She might qualify for Medicare so I tried to do that online that. I feel like I did something wrong so I called the number for Social Security. Of course I wait for an hour for the representative to say "we can mail you this form" so I did that.

I am really stressed about my mother not having her medications. She's dependent on meds for Bipolar Disorder, COPD and Rheumatoid arthritis, along with some lesser issues. She can't get therapy now, no check ups on her ongoing issues. She had an echo scheduled today by the cardiologist but that's a no-go now. She missing yearly gynecology check up, her next pulmonology, urology, and rheumatology appointments

It's sad and overwhelming to think about actually. 🥺

In other news, I likely have carpal tunnel syndrome. I also saw the gyno last week and have to get an ultrasound for a weird pain that I experienced during the manual exam. I am also trying a new type of birth control that will maybe help with my PCOS.

Aubrey started new med (Latuda) on Sunday. She's a crabby Patty but I am used to that. Yesterday her psychiatrist office called about her bloodwork. She's got high cholesterol and high triglycerides. Her entire diet needs to change and she's kind of freaked out about that. She's a very picky eater and will refuse to eat rather than try something new or healthy.

Next week I have another IEP meeting because she's failing 9th grade. High school has not been easy for her. Hopefully putting her in more emotional support classes will help. She's doing well in the one she is in now.

We are all falling apart over here. Lol


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