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got called into work and today was supposed to be the day off. yippee skippy. just what i wanted.. more money! lol. So, i have 10 things on the list to do in my day off. so far, i have completed 3.5 of the things. I kind of have to get some other input before i can make it an official 4. I am officially applying to MSU.i did the application thing today. Now i gotta get my transcripts sent and write out all the accomplishments and all that stuff. The one thing I always hate is the question about if you have been expelled from school for bla bla bla offense. Well, I was suspended for 3 days for fighting. The application always says to write a letter explaning the incident. So, what do i say? This girl made out with my boyfriend and then kept on threatening me so I kicked her ass? wouldn't that be funny to put on an application along with my long list of awesome things I have done since my sophomore high school year?! lol. I guess at the time i wasn't thinking about how it would follow me around. I just have to get all my stuff around and i will be set to go, i guess, if they let me in..which they may not. and on that level i will cry. i am not that smart. i will be lucky to graduate with a 3.0.. and that's a big stretch for me.
yesterday i officially resigned from GSA. So, yea, no more having to do all of that stuff. I also attended a forum on why the student lounge has went to hell. Hopefully things will get better now. It's really dumb because there are a million people in there being loud and cussing. This other girl and I were telling them how it's offensive to go into student life because all you hear is 'bitches, hoes, and ni**a' this and that. the guys were like 'so what we talk like that all the time'. the director told him thats the problem. Mott is here to teach us how to behave like mature adults and how to talk in mixed company. we aren't here to be street trash, basically. I was proud. I really hope people become more conciderate of their company. They are implementing a zero tolerance policy for noise and disrespectful behavior. This week some guys got in trouble because they were gambling in the game room. tisk tisk. i want things back to how they were before this semester. shit just got way outta hand. I read the TGMI binder today, finally, all of it. I had read most of the info online already.. but still.. just touching up. I emailed all of the HREL professors and told them about us and that we had previously done panels and that we would love to do more panels. I think I am going to contact SVSU GSA again. Maybe TransGender Michigan can be beneficial to them as well. Maybe we could plan something up there, its in a different area and i know there are T* people there. I was thinking about contacting Bambi's. They have a trans dancer and maybe we could do some sort of fundraiser there. My mind is thinking on super overload. I couldn't sleep yesterday before i worked because i have so many ideas. Between TGMI and student gov't i wanna do so much and i love it!! yay! i cant wait to be out of school so that i can dedicate even more of my time to things that i enjoy doing. oh! mott is going to offer a paid position to a student in the GLBT community who will be the programming coordinator of gay events. damn, i wish i would be on campus next year. this person will come up with a list of things to do and then schedule a month that we will celebrate LGBT diversity. The person will have an unpaid committee helping them. this would rock. I think that Tristia is going to get it because they want to start this now so that we can do something for maybe October during Coming out week or maybe for next years Day of Silence. anyway.. i gotta do some of this other shit so i can hurry and go to work for a few hours.

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