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just one of those days..

the panel was sort of exciting. i was VERY nervous, and i had reason to be. We all told 'our stories' which was odd.. what do you say 'Hi im 21 from AL and i am a lesbian'? well, thats what i said. so yea, and they asked about my family and relationship stuff. I told them i just ended a 2 year relationship, they were all like 'im sorry'. so then i got teary eyed. Then Ms. Van Etten was like and what about your family? and i told the stuff about dad being weird with michael and it was more sad. there i am crying. lol. and this class is like woah! Ms Van Etten was taking advantage of my emotion. "this is what happens when people come out. its not easy to be a homosexual. these things do happen." I was like holy moly.. i didnt want to cry i wanted life to be OKAY! but yea, this one chic was way out of line and talked to much. i told her that she is a homophobe and she kept saying she wasnt, that she has nothing against gays. Eh, whatever. she drove us all up the wall.. so i went to applebees with the crew and had a drink, lol, in the middle of the day.. and a pretty good lunch. :)
GSA today and i am letting precious do todays meeting. i really wanna see her take more of a lead since she is gonna have to be doing it all over again next year, you know? so here goes everything. I am gonna get an agenda together for her and let her run the show. also tonight is movie night if anyone wants to come, prahl center on the Mott campus.. its on the top floor. follow signs. we are gonna see 'serving in silence' a lesbian/army flick. peace.
OH YEAH! caid said for me to leave this open for everyone to write me 3 questions. you can ask anything, i will answer all questions. so, post a comment with 3 questions that you want answered and i will reply. i suggest that you all do the same on your journals, make it fun times!

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