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today makes one year since the break up. sort of weird to think it has been a year. I guess when a door shuts, a whole new world opens. I have done so much in this year that i dont know if i would have done otherwise.. maybe. I have had the best times and I have been happy more than i have been sad. In all, I am sure that the end was the beginning and we are both better off for it. It's just one of those things that I can't help but wonder about from time to time.. what if we hadn't. But we did, and now i have the most beautiful partner ever and s/he makes me very happy. Things happen that i never would have thought. Maybe R knew this would happen, she has a way of knowing things. She told me before we broke up that i should get with Tristia. maybe she said it out of anger but either way, i still survived and she was right. (damn her for that, lol) maybe we can stay ammicable.. we rarely talk now. seems as though we are no longer important to eachother. never thought that would happen either.
I fell down at school and hurt my shoulder so that makes it hard to move my arm.. and that made work even more blah. i couldnt finish what they wanted me to do b/c my arm hurt too bad. speaking of hurt, it hurts. i'm out. get to meet with CJ and Carrie tomorrow night and go over TGMI stuff. i have some things i need to ask.
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