Career options

Seeking advice! I am in the interview stage for a few positions and am conflicted.

Job #1- a full time position with the County as an Aging Care Manager. The huge negatives in this position is completely phone based so I would be tethered to the desk all day long 8:30-4:30. Positives are that eventually I could move around to other care manager positions that I would enjoy more + county benefits and retirement. The pay is ok and standard for new graduates. I have had 2 interviews already and am waiting on them to make a decision. This office is about 45 minutes away.

Job #2- a full time position with the County as a Forensic Social Worker. This is exactly what I did for 7 years in Philadelphia. I am extremely qualified for this job and it's a mix of office and community work, visiting jails etc. The pay is perfect and on par with what I was making full-time when I was doing juvenile lifer work. This would greatly benefit the family income situation. I am going in person for an interview this afternoon. This office is about 45 minutes away.

Job #3- per diem Geriatric Social Worker. This is the job I trained for all through graduate school. It would be approximately 24 hours, which would mean that I could keep my current part-time job. Some time this week I will be going in to see the facility and discuss the position with the Program manager. It's per diem while 2 staff members are on maternity leave and should become a permanent position later this year. I don't yet know the pay and as per diem I doubt there are any benefits. This would be great experience with older adult case management and would help me get more info about Medicare and insurance systems. The Supervisor is extremely interested in me.. This job is closer to home than the other two.


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