BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

another day

went for the Xrays anyway. I decided that I didnt want to go undiagnosed and then heal weird and be disabled forever, and in pain. so i took care of that today. i have done almost everything on todays agenda. i have to turn in this scholarship paper so that i can get cash back. i was offered a scholarship but since all my stuff is paid for already they just reimburse me!! so thats awesome, i just had to write up some things about myself and fill out a paper. WOOHOO! about to go turn that in and then home to attempt to do the laundry. Tristia is working a double today 5:30am-8pm. So ugh! i wont see her til late and then she has to work at 5am tomorrow. but i work in the AM too, so thats all good. I dont know what we are doing friday night. i have board meeting on saturday. i kinda wanted to go to stilletto's or something but i dont know. whatever she wants basically.
I totally heard this guy say something that was totally against people with disabilities. I almost called Carrie to tell her about it but i thought better of it.
So we are getting remodeled at work. The way that things are arranged now, there is no way that a person in a wheelchair can get around. My manager pointed it out to the man and lady that were in charge. The guy says something along the lines of 'how often does that happen' insinuating that people in wheelchairs dont go to gas stations. My manager says again that there is no way that they could get to the coffee area with this big island in the way. The man says 'well if someone like that comes in, get the coffee for them'. I dont think that was fair, i think that it was really rude. I wanted to fill out a comment card and be like WTF! my district manager heard him too and didnt say anything. It's saying that we dont care about disabled people, lets just get the stuff for them. I think that a person should be given the opportunity to do things for themselves. GRR!
we have a new DM anyway, and she is my old DM. She is a total powerbitch. One of the oldschool hard lesbians. I dont want to work under her. I am not getting promoted to assistant as previously discussed. Someone else is getting promoted right now ahead of the 2 of us who have been training!! Not that i am bitter at the person because he deserves it, he has been at this store forever and he knows everything. I am just pissed that she even offered it to me and then took it away. grr.
ok, gotta turn scholarship thingy in and go home.

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