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OMG, I am so tired of looking at the computer screen. I think I am going to go insane. i have to finish this stupid paper by tomorrow and I just finished researching it. BLAH!! I don't feel like typing it up, I just want to go to sleep. I am really sleepy today. I went to get my glasses yesterday because they were supposed to be in and the lady said that they were shipped on Monday and would be there today. So, I went to pick them up and the same lady told me that they were shipped today and would be there tomorrow. OMG! what the hell. Just say, we don't know when they will be here and we will call you so that I dont have to keep going up there. GRR! I just want my new glasses, that's all. I did however get my insurance card in the mail today. That was great. I was happy.
My teacher told me that it was okay for me to miss class on Friday to go to the funeral. Randy will be buried on Friday in Holly but the funeral is at Swartz Funeral Home on Hill Road, if anyone is interested. I want to send flowers, I need to go to the flower shop.
Blah sent out some more emails to get more folks involved with TGMI. Trying to reach out to more colleges in Michigan. So, we can rope in the young queer activists. YAY
ok, gonna waste time until i have to go get tris from work.
You're in a multi-tasking frame of mind. You've got so many projects going, in fact, that you're beginning to wonder if you might not actually need to start delegating tasks. Do it!

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