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the rats are going to starve to death. instead of buying them food, i bought a wheel for them to walk around in. They are getting big so fast and they need more exercise. They hate the wheel though. Maybe they just aren't used to it, I don't know. They dont wanna do anything but poop in it. HAHA! PetSmart and PetCo both closed when we arrived so we couldnt get in. Went to Meijer in search of food but they only had the large pellet things and we already have some of that. We were looking for the mixed stuff with nuts and sunflower seeds. Places should carry things like that for small animals.. and i dont mean hamsters and guinea pigs. So yea, they are not gonna have any food for like 2 days.. unless tris goes and get some tonight.
We are officially late for class. Guess I should get going huh? blah and then to work. maybe i can sneak a peak back on here afterward. So sad that I can't go to the Trans Lobby Day in Lansing today. its the first ever, and i have class. ugh to me.
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