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Lucky Jupiter is retrograde in your house of travel, which means that folks from afar can help your career and your love life. But you may have to postpone taking any trips yourself for awhile. If you do venture far from home, be flexible with your itinerary and your attitude. An Aquarius will travel far to see you smile - and to hear you scream.
*if anyone knows an aquarius, send her my way!! hehe*

eh, yea another entry so soon, i know its so LIKE me..
i was remembering that today is brandon's birthday.. interesting. so i made the call (stomach in knots) to tell him happy 21st birthday. weird, i havent talked to him since his 20th. yea, his mom answered and i told her to tell him happy birthday for me and she was like aww. i will. so yea, im glad i didnt have to talk to him, i guess. it would be nice to hear that familiar voice, but its weird talking to him. he always asks me about my 'gay' life you know.
also today is pawpaw's birthday. called him and got no answer so i left a message. he is 74 today!! that is so amazingly old to me, i couldnt imagine being that old. Think of all the memories a person that age has, all the things s/he has seen! its amazing.
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