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I hate snow. Now i have to go buy new shoes for the funeral.. right now. Just made up my test and now I have to go get shoes because the ones I have are open toe.. I dont want to freeze. Gonna be going to the funeral alone, and that is really weird for me. Today is gonna be nuts.
Had a nervous breakdown yesterday. Spent all most all day crying. They made me work a longer shift than scheduled and I didnt want to because I had all this homework. But I didnt have a choice. I miss Alabama. I am failing my classes. I can't seem to get anything together. I am so stressed out. My shoulder is still sore (need to go back to DR.. keep puttin it off). I had to try to study late last night when i finally got home but i didnt finish. so had to do it this morning before the dumb test. my teacher was late coming to give it to me. 12 minutes late. GRR! Then said he thought we meant next Friday. OMG nuts!
ok, gotta get dressy shoes for my outfit.
Hey Patrick, Its at 7pm so you would have to go in night time.
Sorry to anyone who read Tris post, I heard it was a bad one, but she deleted it before i got to read it. i hate LJ drama between couples and she fed into that. sad times.
Oh!! i almost forgot, I talked to No Panties last night. She totally came in and talked to me and was telling me about her new place and how she was meeting her mom (at 10pm)to move etc etc. Weird, she seemed so happy.. I wonder if people are fake happy sometimes.
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