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lots to do today as usual.. i have to make MORE fliers for the damn show. . get the radio and take it to the sound person so he can teach me how to use it. I have to go nuts.
to all drag performers.. bring your own mirror. There are no mirrors in the lounge you will be using to change. Kings and Queens are going to be changing together.. dont get shy on me now.
I think that i just failed another test. blah. hate science. and there are these 2 men who sit in front of me that were cheating.. passing notes back and forth and talking. one guy was actually talking on his cell during the test. I dont know if I should tell on them or not. UGH! It makes me not happy. I work my ass off to fail and they pass by cheating. no fair.
SHOW TOMORROW at 7pm in Mott Memorial Building room 1130!! $3 at the door. HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL THERE
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